Supplies for creative leisure, jewelery items, haberdashery and decoration

Welcome to this destocking website for DIY supplies

Elfée s'amuse has a surplus stock of creative leisure supplies..
Supplies for jewelry making.
Exclusive items, often in single pieces.
Handmade compositions and some vintage pieces 70 - 80 years.
Articles haberdashery for sewing.
Fashion accessories.
Materials for creative hobbies and decoration.

Albums ButtonYou will find old realizations of my jewelry and fashion accessories.
These parts are no longer available but can inspire you for your creations ...
Want to make a gift or an item for yourself
I can realize according to your idea.
Do not hesitate to contact me here for any information

To buy

Closing my UGM Shop
from August 6, 2018

To buy the destocking items
you can order on the following form:Images 4You will be able to note the references of your articles and leave me a message
as well as the conditions required to place an order.

* This function will be operational as soon as the pages of my articles will be published.
thank you for your understanding


Some destocking items - Percentage discounts on the shop